Smart Site Plan | Owners

How can owners benefit?

Smart Site Plan can enhance your projects by improving informed decision-making and increasing data access throughout the project life cycle.

Produce Faster

Have your entire team collaborate in one place, so everyone is seeing the same information at the same time.

Review Sooner

Mark-up design changes wherever you are, and have your comments synced with your design team in an instant.

Decide Quicker

Know whether or not a project is feasible in less time, and make design decisions right from you mobile device.

Organize Better

Store all of your project files in one place, and cut down on the clutter of paper and searching old emails.

Reduce Costs

Be aware of challenges from the start with our vast library of Open Data, sourced from around the world.

Regain Control

With your team collaborating in one place, you can track design changes and manage workflows better.

Access More

See you project site as a whole in relation to where you are, not just from a scaled perspective on a set of plans.

Worry Less

You'll never have the hassle of forgetting important drawings or documents at the office.

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