How can government benefit?

Smart Site Plan can enhance your projects by improving informed decision-making and increasing data access throughout the project life cycle.

Control Assets

Import or connect to your existing GIS files, so they no longer have to reside behind a single computer.

Schedule Tasks

Planning routine maintenance can become overwhelming. Schedule a task and link it to a map item.

Maintain Utilities

Add to your current GIS files or start fresh. All layers are location based for better accuracy.

Submit Tickets

Service tickets can be issued on the fly, emailed to anyone, and saved to your files for future use.

Plan Better

Be aware of challenges from the start with our vast library of Open Data, sourced from around the world.

Archive Digitally

Convert paper plans to digital for better access and safe keeping of important infrastructure data.

Locate Easier

Whether you need to find an address, a parcel, or a utility, our advanced search tool makes this process quick.

Respond Sooner

Georeferenced data helps you spend less time searching old plans and more time focusing on solutions.

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