How can designers benefit?

Smart Site Plan can enhance your projects by improving informed decision-making and increasing data access throughout the project life cycle.

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CAD and GIS files are no longer stuck in the office. Upload data to Smart Site Plan and interact anywhere.

Respond Quicker

Issues at the jobsite happen all the time. Keep your data with you anywhere to make informed decisions sooner.

Inspect Smarter

All your design data is georeferenced. Know exactly what is around you based on your location.

Organize Better

Store all of your project files in one place, and cut down on the clutter of paper and searching old emails.

Connect Faster

Not all design teams share the same office. Get your changes viewed by everyone using Smart Site Plan.

Review Easier

With your team collaborating in one place, you can track design changes and manage workflows better.

Draft Sooner

Discover site challenges early, and plan out your project quicker with our vast database of Open Data layers.

Report Earlier

Submit reports right from the field. Get important information out to those who matter, quicker.

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