How can education benefit?

Smart Site Plan can enhance knowledge growth by increasing data accessibility, promoting sharing, and providing an affordable solution for students and educators.

Introduce AI

Our machine learning finds better results so that you can spend more time discovering.

Pay Less

Discovering the data you need has become more affordable under our Student plan.

Be Portable

Geographic data tends to be large and slow. Our platform makes it fast, lightweight, and user-friendly.

Discover More

Find more data by using our easy-to-use search powered by over 10 million open datasets.

Share Better

Sharing is inherently tedious, complex, and time-costly. Our shares are simple and almost instantaneous to make.

Organize Better

Store all of your project files in one place, and cut down on the clutter of paper and searching old emails.

Locate Easier

Whether you need to find an address, a parcel, or a utility, our advanced search tool makes this process quick.

Plan Better

Be aware of challenges from the start with our vast library of Open Data, sourced from around the world.

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