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Open Datasets, and counting, from around the world!

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Work smarter, research faster, and identify more accurately.

Property Data

Access comprehensive property records throughout the United States. Identify new development opportunities and visualize lot boundaries in an instant. Streamline your acquisition efforts by using up-to-date property information with detailed ownership and asset records.

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Smart Search

Evolve your land acquisition research by instantly identifying and downloading properties of interest. Use what you find to study, share, and build with your project members. Due Diligence research has never been easier.

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We give you the ability to manage all your project information, wherever you are.


Layers Freedom from your desk! Upload interactive CAD and GIS data into your projects. Make design changes, create new features, and delete old ones using any internet-capable device.

Open Data

Open Data We’ve scoured the web and retrieved
Open Datasets, and counting, from around the world. Browse our Open Data Search Engine and add as many sources as you like.


Files We know that not all project information can be smart. Store your project related documents and photos for quick reference wherever you are. All your documents are available to download for offline viewing too.


Forms Save time by filling out RFI’s and Inspection Reports right in the field. Forms create a digital paper trail of on-site activities and can be sent to any member of your team for maximum efficiency.

We're all about saving

Meeting deadlines, lowering costs and increasing safety are paramount with any project. See how we can help.

Save Time

Get your work done faster. Smart Site Plan brings the office to the field. No more remembering to bring the correct set of drawings, or having to flip through large sets of plans to find the right section. Have all of your data with you wherever you are.

Save Money

Busted utilities are a thing of the past. With Smart Site Plan, you can be better informed of your surroundings. Acurately position yourself at any time in relation to surrounding utilities, and have more confidence before you dig.

Save Lives

Missing utility information can be a life threatening situation during construction and maintenance operations. Smart Site Plan gives your crew an advantage at staying safe in the field by being better informed and more aware.

Try your first month for $14